Presidents newsletter 04

Dear friends, colleagues (newsletter 04 / 2017),

This is the fourth newsletter and I would like to bring the following points to your attention:

  • IPSD 2017
    • In NITRA, at the beginning of the EU Championship, we announced a new competition with a special goal: a picture of pipe smokers / smoking in their own national, cultural environment. With the great support of our new IT specialist mr. Michal Koza the results are GREAT! Around 66 beautiful pictures (see the CIPC website / item IPSD 2017) show the richness of the pipe smokers community around the world. Now we are on our way for the second round, asking all the national presidents to vote for the best 10 pictures. Did you vote already?
  • Second important issue
    • is the next stop for the international pipe smokers community: the WORLD CUP in Spain. Not Marcenet de Cabreneys but FIGUERES is the place to be. The special website is open now with some important information (hotels and the venue of the championship). Please inform your pipe smokers / clubs and meet again with a large number of participants like in NITRA.
  • Third issue is the new item “PINS”
    • on the CIPC website. We are delighted that one of the CIPC founders, mr. Pierre Muller, wants to share his amazing pin collection with us. Just a couple of weeks ago we made a start but we need your help. Sometimes we know the background of the pin, but some information is lost. So, please inform your pipe smokers and maybe they know more about “name, place, country, production year, etc. Send the information to Thanks for your cooperation!

Finally let the world know what you are doing with your pipe smoker friends on the national level and share your (positive) experiences and pictures with the international pipe smokers community of the CIPC.

Please, do not keep this information only for yourselves but communicate this newsletter with your (national) pipe smokers by using all kinds of social media.

Keep in touch and ENJOY your pipe!

Cornelius C.N. Crans MA. / CIPC president.

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