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"GREAT, you've visited our website. Please continue to revisit it in the (near) future and let us have your opinions." (Cornelius C.N. Crans MA, president CIPC).

IPSD 2019



Central theme this year: pictures of local / national activities: Second impression with pictures from around the world  


World Cup LVIV 2019

 LVIV 2019 almost ready to welcome the CIPC pipe smokers



--> --> Watch another movie from LVIV

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Activities of national pipeclubs

On this page there appears a growing list of websites of all the connected national pipe clubs and any interested parties. A direct link to the activities in the countries all over the world.

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Smoking News

  • Championship Slovakia 2019

Special service from the Pipe Club of Libanon

Pure pleasure

Father The Flame (click on photo)

Winner WC Japan: Satoshi Naito from Japan

And the winner is..32 years!