Committee, International of Pipe Clubs

CIPC was founded in Saint-Claude, France as an association of national pipe clubs to foster friendship and camraderie among pipe smokers worldwide


  • To bring together pipe clubs from around the world.
  • To present a positive public image of pipe smoking.
  • To promote better understanding of the hobby and to maintain enthusiasm for it.
  • To preserve the culture and traditions of the international pipe smoking community.
  • To encourage pipe smokers to join pipe clubs, support pipe shows and participate in smoking competitions.
  • To protect the rights of pipesmokers and the culture of pipe smoking as heritage worldwide


  • Organizing annual international champignonship smoking competitions in different member countries.
  • Establishing and enforcing uniform rules for such competitions.
  • Promoting on an international level the exchange of knowledge between pipe smokers, pipe makers and tobacco specialists.
  • Operating a website/facebook for sharing information about pipe smoking and pipe club activities/events.

Upcoming Events

British Pipe smoking championship
11 May 24
Middlewich, United Kingdom
XXXI. Czech Republic Slow Pipe Smoking Championship
15 Jun 24
Vimperk, Czech Republic
World Cup 2024
27 Oct 24
Poznan, Poland