Smoke Timer

Software for Slow Smoking competitions

Slow Smoking Contest from A to Z in short video

CIPC and Pipe Club Nitra brings you a program for organizing competitions in slow smoking: – Smoke Timer.

The Program can be used for the complete management of the competition from the registration of participants, the display of hours through to the automatic printing of diplomas.

The flexibility of the programme allows it to be used for the smallest competitions (several contestants in one table) or the world championship competitions.

Basic Feature

  • All contests are created and stored.
  • There is a database of competitors ‘ names for future use.
  • The system can hold Smoking Clubs in a database.
  • Team competition mode.
  • Registration of the tables and the assignment of those competing.
  • The possibility to apply for double competition with the automatic counting of times (competition of type 2 x 1.5 g of tobacco).
  • Language switching, currently:
    • Slovak
    • English
    • Ukrainian
    • Czech
    • Danish
    • Italian
  • Display of the clock, including the time countdown for the pipe filling.
  • Displaying the number of contestants with continuous numbers.
  • When the competition is complete, the time of the winner automatically appears on the computer.
  • Printing of Cards for Contestants – choose from 3 formats.
  • Printing of statistics.
  • Print a List of contestants at each table.
  • Printing of the result lists – sort by order or by state.
  • Printing of diplomas directly from the programme.
  • It is also possible to use a barcode scanner for optimised write-up of times which accelerates the process and reduces the error rate.
  • It is also possible to use a barcode scanner to get the competitor who has finished, and they can check their achieved time.

System requirements

  • PC computer, standard performance for office use.
  • Display resolution
    • for Main screen minimum 1366 x 768, recommended 1920 x 1080, font size 125%.
    • for Large Timer screen (Second monitor, TV on the wall, Projector…) minimum 1280 x 720 font size 100%
  • OS Windows 7 and later.
  • If MS Office (MS Access) is installed on the computer, it must be version 2016 and later. If it is not installed, the SmokeTimer x86 installer will install MS Access Runtime.
  • If two or more computers are used (optional), we strongly recommend using a 100Mb or 1Gb Ethernet cable connection to connect multiple computers. Although the connection using the WiFi network may show trouble-free functionality during the tests, during the competition, when there are tens or hundreds of competitors with mobile phones in the premises, the WiFi network can be significantly disrupted.
  • Printer, preferably laser.
  • Barcode Reader (optional).
  • External Webcamera (optional).