Smoke Timer Translation

How do I translate the program into my language?

  1. Download Excel files which contains a list of phrases for SmokeTimer and ST_RemoteScreen
  2. Write the translated phrases in column B
    • The language name in the first row must be in ASCII, without accents
    • If the phrase begins with “HINT “, this must be retained in each language
    • The phrase “KEEP_BLANK” means that such text will remain blank
    • If the phrase starts with two spaces, I recommend keeping the spaces in the translation as well
    • For incorporation into the program, it is sufficient to send only columns A and B, and in the case of modifications, it is sufficient to send only the modified row (it is not necessary to send the complete file.)
  3. Send XLSX files by email to
  4. After accepting the translation, I will send you by email the modified SmokeTimer.accde and ST_RemoteScreen.accde files for testing. Copy these files to the Smoke Timer installation directory (default “c: \ SmokeTimer \”) and overwrite the original files
  5. Run the programs and check the correctness of the translation in the context of the whole program.
  6. If the result is satisfactory, inform me and I will include the new translation in the standard program upgrade.

To achieve a satisfactory result, several iterations are usually required, which means that steps 2. – 5. must be repeated several times.