Newsletter president – number 2

International Committee of Pipe (smoker) Clubs / Comité International des Pipe Clubs


To: CIPC national presidents, their representatives and/or communication advisers;

From: the CIPC president / Regarding: up date information and action – newsletter 02 / 2016.

Dear friends, colleagues,

First of all I’m very glad with the positive feed back about my first newsletter and the enthusiasm for the two weekly update of the CIPC website. This is the second newsletter and I would like to bring the following points to your attention:

  • IPSD – We received a lot of very nice pictures for the photo competition. In NITRA, during the EU Championship, the three best pictures will get a price. We will have a small exhibition during the weekend.
  • Talking about NITRA, the team is working very hard and everything looks fine. Did you notice their new idea of the “early bird” offer. See for more info the NITRA website.
  • The Pipe Club of Italy elected a new president: welcome to mr. Alberto Basciano.
  • During a very useful weekend, including a meeting with the major of Marcenet de Cabreyns (= championship Spain 2017), I visited president Toni Pasqual.
  • National Inventory Intangible Heritage (UNESCO list). Recently the document for the AIP Conference in Tokyo was sent to me by mr. Barney Suzuki (see attachment). For this moment I repeat the request of the CIPC Board: what did you do so far / what are your (first) results?

Finally a very important request to you all. The CIPC website is being visited better all the time and with your help we made some steps forwards. I hope you noticed there is a new item called “blog”.  You, the national presidents and your pipe smokers, are the ambassadors of our special hobby. Please let the world know your (positive) opinion about pipe smoking (learning moments). Write a blog and tell the other pipe smokers all over the world your ideas / experiences.

Please, do not keep this information only for yourselves but communicate this newsletter with your (national) pipe smokers by using all kinds of social media.

Keep in touch and ENJOY!

Cornelius C.N. Crans MA. / CIPC president.

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