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International Committee of Pipe smoker Clubs / Comité International des Pipe Clubs

To: CIPC national presidents, their representatives and/or communication advisors;

From: the CIPC president / Regarding: more communication and action – newsletter 16-01.

Dear friends, colleagues,

After speaking with many participants of the WCP 2015 in Monastier / Italy one thing became very clear to me: there is not enough communication with our (local) members and supporters. This is my first newsletter and I ask you to bring the following points to their attention.

  • IPSD – The G.A. agreed to adopt the International Pipe Smoking Day (every year on 20th of February) and to make this event more visible by pipe smokers all over the world. In 2016 the topic is “a photo competition” for pipe smokers. So take an original picture (or more) on or around that day (20/02/2016) and send it us (president / CIPC webmaster). In NITRA during the EU Championship the three best pictures get a price. Question: are you already working on this?
  • CIPC website – It is my pleasure to announce a legal system from the beginning of 2016 with an official “disclaimer” and information “colophon”. For more details “click” at the bottom of the front-page / bottom line of the CIPC website. Question: does everybody agree?
  • National Inventory Intangible Heritage (UNESCO list). The Board asked you all to do “some research on a national level” and only two(!) countries have reflected until now (from the UK and Italy). So, the question to you all is: what did you do with our request / what are your (first) results?

Finally a general but very important request to you all. The CIPC website is visited better all the time but not always “fresh enough”. You, the national presidents and your pipe smokers, are the ambassadors of our special hobby. Please inform us what is going on in your country. Make small reports with some nice pictures and make yourselves visible to the other pipe smokers all over the world. Please, do not keep this information only for yourself but communicate this newsletter with your pipe smokers by using all social media.

Keep in touch and ENJOY!

Cornelius C.N. Crans MA.

CIPC president.

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