Académie Internationale de la Pipe

Bergerac, France, 2015

Académie Internationale de la Pipe Newsletter No. 13 – February 2015

Bergerac, France, 2014

After almost 10 years we returned to Bergerac, France for image009our conference in 2014.
Thanks to the hard work and organisational skills of Rene Delon we had a wonderful conference.

We were very warmly received by the Tobacco Museum in Bergerac, who provided a superb reception for our delegates and gave us an opportunity to view their impressive collection – our thanks to the director of the museum Philppe Camin and his staff.
At the conference we heard a number of very interesting papers, many of which we hope to publish in a future edition of our journal. Our tha


nks go to all those who presented papers and also to the Bergerac Tourist Office for providing us with a number of very interesting excursions during the course of the conference.
This year marked a first for the Academy, in that we held an a

uction, which was great fun and enjoyed by everyone. We hope to repeat this at our next conference. We very much look forward to meeting our colleagues and friends again next year in Belgium, in the meantime, here are a few photographs from the conference.

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