Lebanon loves pipe smoking

12th Annual Pipesmoking Championship

The PCoLeb’s 12th Annual Pipesmoking Championship is held.


Peter Khatcherian, 56:00
Issam Sbat, 53:15
Fares Irani, 51:19
Paul Jahshan, 46:08
Salim Khoury, 44:50
Tarek Khalaf, 44:37
Hervey Debuire, 44:00
Mohamad Helou, 35:19
Patrick Georgevitch, 34:40
Harvey Oueijan, 33:57
Ted Haviland, 33:20 (from his home in Missouri, U.S.A.)
Oliver Geha, 28:55
Antoine Sarkis, 28:28

More is found in “What’s New” and “Competitions” at http://www.pipecluboflebanon.org

Comp2014 Antoine Hervé Oliver

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