Presidents newsletter nr. 16 / Autumn 2021

Dear national CIPC presidents and other pipe smokers friends around the world,

With this AUTUMN newsletter I would like to draw the attention of the CIPC international pipe smokers community to communicate a couple of important items. Again I must start with my personal statement: first of all I’m hoping everything is still fine with you and your loved ones in this very strange times!

Because we had to postpone again our CIPC Board / G.A. meeting 2021 in Istanbul, the CIPC Board had their first(!) virtual meeting just a couple of days ago. So, let me inform you all with a short overview of the most important issues / decisions:

  • ISTANBUL / Turkey still stands for 2022 and will be a double competition (World Cup & EU Champinship);
  • For 2023 we have (until now) only one official candidate: Romania. Other options were proposed and considered, including Austria. New candidates are still welcome;
  • There were questions about the CIPC contribution for 2021. After an intense discussion all members agreed with a reduced 2021 fee: Euro 120;
  • A lot of competitions were cancelled because of Covid. The good news is that Austria, the Netherlands and a lot of Eastern Europe countries went ahead with a lot of pipe smokers;
  • The Dortmund Tobacco Show is planned again for September 2022. The Board proposed mr. Landlust and Crans to attend the show for PR activities (PR with CIPC brochures, etc.)

At the end of the meeting a BIG THANKS was expressed (on behalf of the Board members) by the president to mr. Michal Koza for his role as new CIPC webmaster. As well a special COMPLIMENT for his work creating THE CIPC Time system for a pipe smoker competition. This system is NOW(!) available FOR FREE on the CIPC website to all (and only!) CIPC ass. nations / clubs being a gift of our 50th CIPC anniversary.

The Board got the news that there were elections in the USA for a new UPCA president and Board members. It is my pleasure to congratulate mr. Kyle Bowen and his new team! I hope we continue our excellent cooperation in the future and invite our new friends to join us at our next CIPC event in ISTANBUL 2022.

Finally I want to make a BIG compliment to our Danish pipe smoker friends. Everybody knows  that unique magazine of the Nordisk Tobakskollegium called “Piper & Tobak”. They had just published number 120 celebrating 30 years of publication in a book of almost 200 pages. Very nice overview and all kinds of pictures showing the unique world of the culture of pipe smoking (but beware: you have to read “Danish” / no English summary).

WISH all my pipe smoker friends around the world a fine and romantic December period but most important: STAY SAFE & HEALTHY!!!

Cornelius C.N. Crans MA. – CIPC president.

                                     * RELAX WITH YOUR PIPE *

Strong advice: please, do not keep this information for yourself but share it as much as possible.

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