Presidents newsletter nr. 13 / Summer 2020

Dear friends,

with this “summer” newsletter I would like to draw the attention of the CIPC international pipe smokers community to communicate a couple of important items.

First of all I’m hoping everything is fine with you all. The Covid-19 virus is still going around with a lot of negative effects. It is a difficult period for our pipe smoker community but please  find the right way these days knowing that friendship and good comradeship is essential! Take care of your pipe smoker friends!

Just a couple of weeks ago there was the shocking disaster in Beirut / Lebanon. On behalf of the CIPC pipe smokers community I sent a personal message to mr. Paul Jahshan, the president of the pipe club. He told a me the next day that he and his family are fine! In the Netherlands there is a possibility to donate some money for the first needs. I donated already and I hope you will do the same to show our solidarity with the people of Lebanon.

Last time, in spring 2020, I told you the CIPC website was “out-of order”. After our webmaster mr. Roel Toering passed away suddenly, we got a hudge problem with the ownership of the CIPC website. With great help from Michal Koza (Nitra) and our S.G. Mark Dyer I found the right persons and organizations to tackle the problem. So, I’m very happy to tell you that the CIPC website is (not only) alive but has been re-designed as well by Michal Koza. A BIG compliment to him for all his work. Within a couple of weeks more interesting news!

Finally: we are working hard to find a way to show the world that the CIPC is now celebrating its 50th. Anniversary. I come back to you at the beginning of the autumn / asap.

WISH all my pipe smoker friends around the world: STAY SAFE & HEALTHY!!!

Cornelius C.N. Crans MA. – CIPC president.


Strong advice: please, do not keep this info only for yourselves but communicate this newsletter with your pipe smokers friends by using all kinds of social media / sharing info on your facebook.

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