Presidents newsletter 03

Dear friends, colleagues, (up date information and action – newsletter 03 / 2016)

This is the third newsletter and I would like to bring the following points to your attention:

  • ECP 2016 in NITRA was a great success. Not only 306 participants but starting the competition in time (as well as the price giving), fantastic GALA dinner evening with a traditional / culture show and a wonderful exhibition of the culture of pipe smoking in the NITRA museum. Once again: BIG COMPLIMENT for the NITRA team!
  • IPSD – In NITRA, during the EU Championship, the price for the three best pictures were giving to: 1. Hong Kong – 2. USA and 3. Japan. The price of the public was for the Pipe Club of NITRA. The new competition was announced with a special goal: a picture of pipe smokers / smoking in your national, culture environment. Be as creative as possible! Deadline: 15-02-2017;
  • In NITRA we had our G.A. meeting of the CIPC presidents with a lot of decisions and actions. One of the important issues is the “Pipe Club Survey” by Mike “Doc” Garr in cooperation with the CIPC vice presidents. Please, collect your data and inform them asap.;
  • Second important issue: how to make the CIPC more visible?! Please, come forward with ideas for products with the CIPC logo and I hope you can find a financial supporter as well;
  • Next stop for the international pipe smokers community is Marcenet de Cabreneys (= North Spain) with the World Cup 2017. We are waiting for info / special website from Toni;
  • National Inventory Intangible Heritage (UNESCO list). For this moment I repeat my request done at the CIPC G.A. meeting: what are the possibilities in your country, did they sign the treaty of UNESCO on the national level because that’s essential! Please your(first)feedback?

Finally a very important request to you all.
The CIPC website is being visited better all the time and with your help we made some steps forward. You, the national presidents and your local pipe smokers are the ambassadors of our special hobby “pipe smoking”. Please let the world know what you are doing with your pipe smoker friends and share your (positive) learning moments and /or pictures. Nice example is the Pipe Club of Singapore with their “location pictures”.

Please, do not keep this information only for yourselves but communicate this newsletter with your (national) pipe smokers by using all kinds of social media.

Keep in touch and ENJOY your pipe!

Cornelius C.N. Crans MA. / CIPC president.

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