Presidents newsletter Nr 5

Newsletter president number 5, December 2017

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Dear friends,

This is the late autumn newsletter and I would like to bring the following points to your attention:

After some discussion now the CIPC enters the world of FACEBOOK. We are very glad that the CIPC vice president North & South America, Mike Garr is willing to give his time to coordinate the CIPC facebook page. Please, go for a search and/or send him an email with your request for an invitation to join our CIPC facebook community.

IPSD 2017 & 2018
In NITRA, at the beginning of the EU Championship, we announced a new competition with a special goal: a picture of pipe smokers / smoking in their own national, cultural environment. The price giving was in FIGUERES (see CIPC website) and we presented a new competition with a special blue pipe. Every national president got this pipe and the special request to produce two (or more) pictures with that blue pipe using the theme: HAVE FUN! But there is more to do. If you are a young pipe smoker (21 -39 years) and have original idea, please come forward / send an email asap to the CIPC president with your proposal and maybe you get a special blue pipe to participate (deadline for the pictures: 31/01/2018).

Next stop for the international pipe smokers community:
the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in JAPAN.  TOKYO is the place to be in 2018 so please inform your friends / pipe smokers / clubs and meet again with a large number of participants. The Federation of Pipe club in the Netherlands has a special travel arrangement for pipe smokers with a direct flight from Amsterdam with an 8 nights trip. Contact the S.G. mr. Landlust for more information.

Finally, the Intangible Cultural Heritage project
is on its way and more concrete material is now available (special newsletter in Jan. 2018). There are more countries starting their national investigation so it is important to cooperate and share the info. Let us know what you are doing, if you have any plans make yourself known. Thanks for your cooperation! 

Please, do not keep this information only for yourselves but communicate this newsletter with your (national) pipe smokers by using all kinds of social media and sharing the info on facebook.      

SEASONS GREETINGS (see picture) and ENJOY your pipe!
Cornelius C.N. Crans MA. / CIPC president.

Cornelius C.N. Crans MA. CIPC President

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