Istanbul Pipe Club

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Tel. No: Tel
E-mail: email
Website: http://www.istanbulpipodernegi.org

National President

Name: Turgay Ocak
PC, City: Istanbul
Phone private: +90212222624
Phone job:
E-mail: info@istanbulpipodernegi.org

Associated Pipeclubs

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Miscellaneous information

President: Pipe Clubs of Turkey since 2014
President: Istanbul Pipe Club since 2010
Member: AIP- Academie Internationale de la Pipe, since 2014

Turgay Ocak

Turgay_OcakThe Istanbul Pipe Club was established in 2010 as the official record. We have 460 members, but most of them are not active. We are trying to make them more active. CIPC has been a great influence in our study. Thereupon, a new association was founded in Istanbul in 2014. They are Yeditepe Pipe Club. We hope other clubs will be established in the future.

I think, Cipc is a great friendship circle and here freely pipe smoking.

Turgay Ocak