Pipesmokers help for the Ukraine

Dear Pipesmoking Friends

Zbigniew Bednarczyk, president of the Przemyśl Pipe Club in Poland, is acting as our coordinator of pipesmokers help for the Ukrainians. Since the first day of the war, Zbigniew has been very involved in local volunteering in Przemyśl and the surrounding area.

If you, or any of your clubs would like to make a cash donation, to be used to help Zbigniew support the Ukrainians crossing the border near Lviv into Poland please use the details below:

IBAN : PL38175000120000000022399047
Name and address: Fundacja “Perła Galicji” Zbigniew Bednarczyk
ul. Książąt Lubomirskich 4, 37- 700 Przemysl
Title of transfer: CIPC International Ukraine fund

Kind regards

Cornelius Crans
President CIPC

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