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Although the program has been successfully used in many competitions from the smallest to a world-class global competition, the author of the programme will in no way correspond about the functionality of the programme, which may be adversely affected by the use of inappropriate equipment. The author of the programme shall in no way be liable for any damage which the user may incur using the programme.

Program can be downloaded and used free of charge if the user complies with the following terms and the license Agreement:

  • The user who chooses to use the programme is committed to informing the author of the programme by Contact Form
  • The user of the free trial programme may not use the program for the purpose of making money or other profits, nor may the programme be resold.
  • If the author of the program participates in the competition in which his program will be used, the author does not pay any fee for the competition.
  • Any other evaluation of the quality of the programme and the work of the author is at the discretion of the user.


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