Festoraci Fest – Corn Cob Competition


We are happy to bring you a ceremonial evaluation of this competition.

The whole competition was a bit unconventional and therefore it is unconventional the way how we determine the winner. As it was written in the propositions, the winner will be the one who reaches above-average time. Therefore, we need a bit of math and statistics to find out who is the winner.

  • For the statistical calculation, we did not take into account the shortest (0:00:00) and the longest (9:03:00) time. The remaining 51 competitors smoked together for 39 hours 55 minutes and 4 seconds = 143704 seconds
  • Average time = 143704/51 = 2818 seconds = 46 minutes 58 seconds
  • The closest above-average time was reached by Petro MALITSKYI from Lviv Pipe Club with a time of 47 minutes 0 seconds and he becomes the winner of the Festoráci Fest – Corn Cob Competition 2021 and wins the first prize, which is:

Pipe Dunhill Virtual Limited Edition.

Congratulations to the winner. The winning prize will be sent to the winner by ceremonial e-mail. !!!

Thank you all again for taking part in this competition, you were amazing.

Evaluation of the competition through the eyes of the participants

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Overview report


Result list



Pipe Club Nitra invites you to a virtual global April Fools’ Day competition in slow pipe smoking.

So far, pipe smokers from 10 countries are registered: USA, Russia, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Czechia and Slovakia.

Registration of competitors: no later than midnight on March 31, 2021 by email to: pipeclubnitra@gmail.com

Video meeting – Google Meet (not mandatory) at 6:00pm CET at: https://meet.google.com/bvk-segh-hwt

Warning: Google has announced that it will limit free video calls to 60 minutes from April 1, 2021. If your call is canceled, we’ll try to create a new one and post it here immediately.

More info:


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