The submission period for the 13th World Championship is over

All available places in the Event location  „Wolkenburg” are taken and confirmed. Thank you all.

Pipesmoking with its thousands-of-years of tradition represents a great part of our culture and history. Especially over the last few years, the pipe enjoyed a new hype. Pipesmoking conforms the current zeitgeist. Various international clubs from around the world have contributed to the art that is Pipesmoking.

The world championship and pipesmoking also represent friendship and a “coming together” of like-minded friends from various countries, which follow their “hobby” of competitive pipesmoking in a fair competition. Only those taking part in this event know if the competition for the title of the world champion in this discipline also represents enjoyment. Those participating in the competition will in any case experience an event of special meaning: friendship and pipe smoking. During good conversations, the enjoyment will follow automatically.

The key aspect of this competition is to keep the ember of the pipe carefully smoldering and thereby very slowly smoke the tobacco. Only the one mastering this skill will be able to achieve the rightfully earned title of the world champion in pipesmoking. Experience has shown that the international elite is able to achieve times beyond the three-hour mark. Prior to this world championship, the world record from 2008 remains at 3 hours, 33 minutes and 6 seconds. Can this still be beaten?

Due to the strict non-smoking laws in Germany in general, and especially in the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia, the world championship has to be carried out as a private and “strictly closed event”. Every participant has to be registered, is confirmed and more than 18 years old.

The members of the “Pipeclub of Cologne” are looking forward to your attendance and wish you a safe journey and a pleasant stay in our beautiful city: “Cologne”.

Kurt Eggemann, President
Pipeclub of Cologne
VDP- Association of German Pipe smokers
Vice- President CIPC- Committee International of Pipe smokers Clubs

The German version of this article can be read hier.