The growing collection of pins from mr. Pierre Muller

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REMARKEBLE – The amazing pin collection from mr. Pierre Muller

When you visit CIPC pipe smoking championships around the world you meet all kinds of friendly people, especially pipe smokers. A lot of these pipe smokers carry pins on their clothes to show their membership of a pipe smokers club. Pins are special for pipe smokers and most of the time a collectors item too. Pins are a part of the cultural heritage of the pipe smoking culture.

Now we start to show you a couple of pins from the rich collection of mr. Pierre Muller, one of the founders of the CIPC every two weeks. On this page you can view the growing presentation.

Sometimes we know the background of the pins, but we lost some information in the past. So, please be our helping hand and tell us what you know about the pins: name, place, country, production year etc. or in one word: the origin of the pin.

PLEASE send your info to and he will inform you asap.