13th WCP in 2014

WCP 2014

The World Championship Pipesmoking (WCP) 2014 will be held on Sunday 12th October 2014.
In “Wolkenburg GmbH”, Mauritiussteinweg 59, 50676 Cologne (Germany)[codepeople-post-map]


WCP 2014

Together with this grand pipe smoking event the internationally known sales exhibition “Smokertreff” of Peter Heinrich, Cologne, and many exhibitors from around the world will take place. An excursion of Cologne is planned and will be arranged by international city guides.

We were lucky to win the complete historic cologne venue “Wolkenburg” www.wolkenburg.de for this event. The competition and international exhibition will take place as per the legally binding rules of the county of North Rhine Westphalia, which means the competition and the CIPC meeting will take place as a “closed” and private association.

All further information of this world championship can be found on the internet under www.pipeclub-of-cologne.de.

Wolkenburg GmbH,  Mauritiussteinweg 59,  50676 Köln