new competition

  • National CIPC presidents “have fun”

IPSD 2017 & 2018 (part of newsletter nr 5)
In NITRA, at the beginning of the EU Championship, we announced a new competition with a special goal: a picture of pipe smokers / smoking in their own national, cultural environment. The price giving was in FIGUERES (see CIPC website) and we presented a new competition with a special blue pipe. Every national president got this pipe and the special request to produce two (or more) pictures with that blue pipe using the theme: HAVE FUN! But there is more to do. If you are a young pipe smoker (21 -39 years) and have original idea, please come forward / send an email asap to the CIPC president with your proposal and maybe you get a special blue pipe to participate (deadline for the pictures: 31/01/2018).

Special pipe 2

Special pipe 1