Tobacco and Pipe WCP – Cologne 2014

Mild blend, bright Virginia, subtly flavoured with fruit extract and spices. Rather cool during the smoking session and later on the tobacco has a slight sweetness.  Overall is the NO. 7 a quit interesting tobacco for the participants of the WCP 2014 in Cologne – Germany. (Click on the foto's to enlarge them).

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Planta WM Tabak- Germains Mixture No. 7

Mixture No. 7

"Made in Germany," proclaims the label. This is a distinctly aromatic tobacco in the pouch that is dry and clean to the touch in a way that old Captain Black could never imagine. "Clean" also describes the slightly perfumy and fruity aroma that, after a while, one might conclude is peach- or apricot-based. It comes in a medium-length, medium-width, ribbon cut with some shorter, broken bits. The overall colour is a light, golden brown, punctuated by flecks of darker and lighter tobaccos.

One of the excellent features of this blend is that it is truly mild and mellow. Unlike many milder tobaccos, this one produces a rich, medium-bodied smoke of decent volume, and it doesn't burn hot or start smoking wet after the halfway point. And although it is an aromatic, the fruit flavour is not syrupy at all and is subdued enough that one can taste some of the mild tobacco underneath. My guess is that the base includes both Virginias and light burleys, as well as a touch of black cavendish. After half a bowl of this, the fruit flavour diminishes significantly, leaving a slightly sweet, plain-cavendish taste that I personally enjoy. It burns down to a fine salt-and-pepper ash. If you are attracted to milder tobaccos, but find that they sometimes bite too much, this one might be worth a try.