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IPSD 2017 Photo competition

Awarded pipe

Dr Michael Loh smoking the pipe.

Pipe Club of Dordrecht - DPG













Final round:

See all 66 photos here: https://goo.gl/photos/QSCApUNrcfqLLC5G7.

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the second impression
CIPC - IPSD 2017 CONGRATULATION everybody - ENJOY your pipe!
CIPC - IPSD 2017 picture comp. 01 Singapore
CIPC - IPSD 2017 picture comp. 02 JAPAN
CIPC - IPSD 2017 picture comp. 03 Poland
CIPC - IPSD 2017 picture comp. 04 GERMANY
CIPC - IPSD 2017 picture comp. 05 RUSSIA
CIPC - IPSD 2017 picture comp. 06 the NETHERLANDS
CIPC - IPSD 2017 picture comp. 07 SLOVAKIA
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the first impression

Cornelius and me would like to draw your attention to the upcoming International Pipe Smoking Day, that will be held on February 20th 2017. statement

In cooperation with the Pipe Club of NITRA we organized a small exhibition of the IPSD photo competition 2016 at the ECP in NITRA and there was a lot of information about the winners on the CIPC website. Thanks to the nice guy of STANWELL Pipes in Denmark for his special gifts.

With this memo we would like to urge all of you to participate in the IPSD 2017 process by taking  some typical pictures again. This year you have a special instruction: pictures of pipe smokers in your own cultural surroundings. For instance at a well-known national monument and/or with people in national costumes and/or typical landscape backgrounds (like we have in the Netherlands – windmills, wooden shoes and tulips).

Of course seeking the public outside and making them aware of our intentions is good advertising on the positive aspects of pipe smoking around the world..

So please send photos or videos to info@pipenitra2016.sk (= Michal Koza, our CIPC IT specialist). But be aware of the deadline: 01 March 2017. All the material will be put on the CIPC website and the final result / price winners at the World Cup in Spain 2017.

We are looking forward to your ideas and results and please follow also the IPSD 2017 information on the CIPC website.

Attached you will find the IPSD flyer. You can also link the flyer to your national websites and /  or distribute it  as widely as possible by social media.

Sincerely Yours,

Cornelius Crans
President CIPC

Geert Landlust


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