IPSD 2014

There will be an International Pipe Smoking Day, this year on Thursday February 20th of 2014

I would like to ask you to organise on that day a pipe smokers event in your country. It would be good if these events could be held roughly on the same moment of the day: at 21.00 hours (09.00 p.m.).

Of course these events should be announced in the national, regional and local press to draw as much attention to pipe smoking in general as possible. Events could be held in the form of contests, but also by having presentations or by having a forum with well known pipe smokers. Feel free to develop your own ideas.
Please send a report on the preparation and on the events themselves to be put on our CIPC website. You can send this report as a text file (word document) with photos to the webmaster Roel Toering of the CIPC website: webmaster@pipeclubs.com.

I do hope you will all support and contribute to this International Pipe Smoking Day by creating as much press attention as possible and by having pipe smoking events in your country.

Enjoy your pipe!

Barnabas T. Suzuki, vice-president of the CIPC
Cornelius Crans, President of the CIPC.