Dear friends, pipe smokers of the world

“Pipe smoking contributed to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs”. This wonderful quote of Mr. Albert Einstein shows what effect pipe smoking can have, even today, people from many different nationalities and backgrounds coming together in friendship to enjoy their pipes.

Kurt, Geert and Cornelius invite you to Cologne

Kurt, Geert and Cornelius invite you to Cologne

Also the younger generation is discovering what it is to smoke a pipe. Last July 2014 about 25% of the participants of the UK National Championship in Newark-on-Trent were under the age of 35. If we take a good look at society it wouldn’t be strange to think that pipe smoking is on the increase among younger people (> 21). To spread the experience , the special feeling, the life style that comes with pipe smoking the CIPC wants to address those young folks…. and there is so much more to discover.
As new CIPC president I don’t want to be a formal governor but a person who is visible, feet on the ground and doing the job together (with pipe smokers, pipe makers, traders and tobacconists) and with you in order

  • To make pipe smoking visible again in public life;
  • To present pipe smoking as an expression of individual personal freedom;
  • To show that pipe smoking stands for “good taste and quality” and
  • To secure pipe smoking for coming generations.

Just a kind request to you all at the end of this short introduction: come and join the CIPC. If you have any ideas and proposals, even “first thoughts” are very welcome, please contact the CIPC (country) members or send a mail to

Wish you all wonderful days in Cologne; lots of success and remember one thing: ENJOY!

Cornelius C.N. Crans MA.
President of the CIPC.


Column from Kurt Eggemann:

Friends of pipe slow smoking will meet on October 11th and 12th in Cologne for the World Championship

For quite a long time I had the dream, it would be great to smoke and enjoy a pipe in Cologne with our slow-smoking friends from all over the world.
But why should they come? How could I manage to get them to Cologne?

A special event it should be, an event for the world, after all I have visited during the last 36 years pipe slow smoking events all over the world and came to know a whole lot of passionate pipe smokers and nice people.
There is one thing we all share, a real passion: pipe smoking! Since I succeeded in Copenhagen 2004 to bring the European Championship 2008 to Würselen, Germany, I thought now’s the time for such an event in my hometown Cologne, with the difference, this time it would be a World Championship. I was quite sure; a lot of pipe smokers would follow this invitation.

In the year 2010 at the annual meeting of CIPC in Estoril, Portugal I had the opportunity to apply for the organization of the World Championship 2014 in Cologne, in the name of the 1st Pipe Club of Cologne. The board of directors and the delegates accepted, that was the first step. The big success of the World Championship in Estoril convinced my friends Wolfgang Diez and Peter Heinrichs to engage in the organization of the Cologne Championship too. We really enjoyed the days in Estoril, especially the pipe exhibition, which was, in the experienced hands of Peter Heinrichs, a real success. After returning from Estoril, I immediately began with preparations for the organization. From that time on until today I had the impression, time is running faster.

The World Championship Pipe by GIGI
I had been invited by Wolfgang Diez, owner of DENICOTEA, Bergisch-Gladbach, producer of filters and pipe cleaning systems (‘DENICOTEA has everything to get smoking wonderful’), and premium sponsor of the 13th World Championship in Pipe Slow Smoking, to come to Varese, Italy, located directly besides Lago Maggiore. I came to know Italian business partners of Wolfgang Diez and I was allowed to visit the production halls of brands like Aldo Morelli, Adsorba, Adventure and GIGI.

GIGI, well-known pipe maker of the good Old Italian pipe tradition, was most important for us.

His reputation and craftsmanship had convinced me before in having found the right pipe maker for making the championship pipe. His new collection I liked a lot, all models being 1st quality, it was hard to decide for the ‘right one’. The pipe should be straight and be suited for filters (later on). The measurements of bowl and bore had to be right, the bit comfortable, it should smoke fine, it had to be engraved and it should please the eye of the beholder. I think, GIGI has done all that perfectly. This pipe deserves to play the most important part in the 13th World Championship.

The World Championship Tobacco by Planta – Germain’s Mixture No. 7
The demand for quality we had with the pipe counted also for the tobacco used at the championship. It was not an easy task for the members of our pipe club. They followed the different tips of many experts and smokers and tested a lot of tobaccos at the club meetings. We were looking for a high-class tasteful pipe tobacco, a brand which all WC participants could easily obtain at home, at least in Europe. To come up with a long time at the competition, the tobacco should be cut long to burn even, a simple, good natured tobacco with nice taste, being aware the future champion would lose taste after smoking over 3 hours with 3 grammes.

After many tastings we decided to use the well-known Germain’s Mixture No. 7 by PLANTA, Berlin. Being pleased with our choice we got the next important part for the 13th World Championship.

For the World Championship the Smokertreff by Peter Heinrichs (Pfeifen- Heinrichs, Köln)
It goes without saying to call on my friend Peter Heinrichs to take part in the WC here in Cologne. After getting the acceptance in Estoril he gave his heart and soul into the project.

Becoming the show director, he began planning the Smoker’s Meeting at the Wolkenburg. We had the advantage that from now on we could take care of the organization of the championship. The sales exhibition lied in his hands, that couldn’t be any better. To give a secret away, the exhibition will include many of the best from the pipe-, tobacco- and cigar industry.

Yes, dear readers, enough forewords, there are only few days left. There is really enough work to do yet. Near 400 participants have registrated; it’s not possible to accept any more. The WC will take place in a private scale. All participants are registrated and at minimum 18 years old. There will be no stand for spectators. The progress of the championship will be transmitted to a screen in the inner court of Wolkenburg.

Peter Heinrichs’ Smoker’s Meeting is open on both days for everyone and you can expect much of it. Like the old saying: A warm welcome, admission free!

To see you in Cologne, smoky greetings, relax with your pipe,

Kurt Eggemann