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The International Committee of Pipe smokers Clubs (CIPC) was created in 1973. The objectives of this Association is to join together National Clubs of pipe smokers of all countries.

In order to establish between them friendly bonds of dialogue and co-operation, to help their development and to organize great international meetings.

These annual meetings are the occasion of friendly competitions: to smoke as long as possible with a pipe filled with 3 grams tobacco, without relighting it.

The world record is currently 3 hour 33 minutes and 6 seconds. Some of the competitors travel over 3000 kilometers to smoke just 5 minutes! Little chance they become champion, but for nothing in the world, they would not have missed this annual event, organized by a National Pipe Club, under the aegis of the CIPC.
Each year, there are over 400 competitors, finding themselves in a friendly and convivial competition. They come from various countries of Europe, but also of Mexico, USA and even of Japan. Here, everybody can make friends and enjoy tourism. Exhibitions, showing the work of pipe makers, can also be admired, or even have long discussions with them, as pipe smokers like to do, to deepen their knowledge of this extraordinary object.