The Pipe Club of Taiwan

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Website: http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/jw!2v0foK6QFRn5nzyHyQw4iNSh

National President

Name: Ben Chen
Address: 12FL. NO.119, CHUNG-CHENG E. RD., SEC.2
Phone private: +886-2-8809-7907
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E-mail: hanworld@ms29.hinet.net

Associated Pipeclubs

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Miscellaneous information

“The Pipe Club of Taiwan” established on August 27th, 1989 in Taiwan, and approved as a country member of CIPC on November 4th, 1989.All our club members and I are deeply grateful to “The Pipe Club of Japan” for their recommendation into the CIPC. Personaly I am always appreciated very much in my heart to the vice president of CIPC Mr. Barney Suzuki that without his kind assistance, there will be impossible for “The Pipe Club of Taiwan” established.

So far we have three official Pipe Clubs in Taipei and unofficial clubs members in Tai-Chang, Tai-Nan and Kaoshiang areas, totaly over 200 members. For the official members, we have a regular meeting in one or two months in each club and two meetings a year for whole clubmembers togather. Normaly we will have dinner for the meeting and having the frienship pipesmoking contest after the dinner. As for the unofficial members, they are always meeting at Pipe Shops or Coffee Shops.

“The Pipe Club of Taiwan” has been participating every 4 years World Championship since 1989. On October 1st, 1989 the president of Kaoshiang Mr. C.W.Lee and I were invited to join “The All Japan Pipe Smoking 17th Championship” in Tokyo and on October 20 & 21, 1990 my wife Fanny and I and other 3 members joined “The 7th World Championship” also held in Tokyo, Japan. And on October 8 and 9, 1994 Fanny and I and other 4 members joined “The 8th World Championship” held in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was one of the Jury. The 9th World Championship held in October 1998 in Venice, Italy. Mr. David Sheng the president of the pipe club of Taiwan at that time participated. We are looking forward to join “The 10th World Cham- pionship” to be held on September 8 and 9, 2002 at St.Niklas, Belgium.